ThermElc TE-02 Temperature Data logger Reusable with Auto PDF Report -30°C ~+60°C

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Affordable home temperature monitoring, easy to use

Wanted something inexpensive to monitor the temperatures in my home, 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs to compare the difference. So far working well.

Plugs into your computer using the USB port. First you need to install the software. The mini disc that came with mine could not be read by my computer. Not sure if that is a computer or disk issue. Regardless after about 5 minutes of searching; I found the software online. I was thinking to myself, why doesn't the manufacturer just pre-install the software onto the device like a flash drive... so all you need to do is plug it in... not sure (I guess there must be more to it).

Once the software is loaded, just plug in, open the software, hit the connect button, then go to parameters.... you program the device from your computer. Then unplug it, press and hold the play button for 4 secs... and your data logging. Very easy in my opinion.

To access the data, is just as easy... just plug in, open the software, hit the connect button, then hit the upload data button. Immediately on your screen you have the data. I then download the data to excel... it exports as a .xls... (not a .xlsx) so should be compatible with almost all versions of excel. I'm using 2003... and it work just fine. (Note: in my case, it exports the data as text, so if you’re trying to build your own charts, you need to convert the data to numeric values.) To reset the device; I found the easiest way to clear the data is just go back to the parameters tab, and save your parameters again... it will clear all the data from the device.

An observation... I found that handling them effects the temp (even for a very short period of time), heats them up. Plugging them into the computer really effects the temp. While this makes it sound like the device is very sensitive, I also found it takes awhile for it to come to back down to room temp. Yea I don't get it either, (sensitive yet slow). In the computer it would heat up to about 79... then it would take almost 30 minutes to get back to 70 degrees. (I have the data to prove it; it's a data logger; lol)

I would purchase again... Haven't had them long enough to test the battery life.

Kindle Customer
does what it says - data logging temps

This is my first data logger but I'm loving it already. I put one in my freezer and I plan on putting another at my folks place. That way, I can see if the freezer has ever lost power. At one measurement per 3 hours, I get something like 2 months of measurements (if memory serves). That should be enough to get a sense of the temps in the freezer, at least for my situation. The software is easy to use and works well, even on an older Windows PC such as my own. I have not owned it long enough to test out the battery life but after two days, it seems the logging works fine.

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